Digital Signage

A professional signage network delivers your message, just the way you want.


Keep visitors, staff, and key members of your team up-to-date with the latest streams displayed in real time.


Motivate and inspire people with bright, stunning and versatile signage, that’s also flexible enough to work on 1 or 100 displays.


Catch the attention of people and keep it, with branded signage, live TV, and support for your favorite office apps.

What Can Digital Signage Provide?


Set your organisation apart with Live TV channels that can be streamed across your network, branded and customised to suit your requirements.

Social Media

Our society is more connected and social than ever before. Bring in live feeds and direct them across your network.


There’s no point investing in a technology that is too complicated for use. Our team can provide both introduction and ongoing training and support to ensure you experience the full potential of the wireless display.


All your favourite images, videos and music files can be played and scheduled as a part of the overall system. Our systems are compatible with almost everything you already use.

Network Control

Check on the status of your network, send content, set schedules and even power on/off displays as you require. All via your own network or the cloud. Manage your system anyplace, anytime.

Office Apps

Keep using Office app’s like PowerPoint, Word and Excel, and send them directly to your system for easy content management.

User Accounts

Give layered access and control to different members of your team. Split your system any way you see fit, and grant access to the right people.

Why Use Drake AV?

Get in touch

Receive a free consultation and proposal from one of our team, who’ll discuss your existing set-up, what you want to be able to do, and the type of content you’ll be displaying.

Choose the system for you

We’ll provide a selection of options based on your brief, and a detailed training session for those tasked with running the system from day to day.

Start Using your Signage

Our installation team will provide a smooth, professional install that gets your system up and running as quickly as possible, so that you can start maximising the
potential of your new Signage system.


Welsh Water
Internal Communications

Location – South Wales

Requirement: A Nation Wide Networked Digital Signage System.

The Brief

We were approached sometime back by the Communications team at Welsh Water who needed to set-up a nation-wide Digital Signage system that allowed them to manage their entire network of displays from one single location. They needed to send videos, images and text alongside streaming live TV, and needed a system that could be…

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